Electrical Conductors

Eurobras is a Brazilian company that manufactures and sells medium- and low-voltage electrical wires and cables. Established in 1997, it is constantly investing in new production technologies and training its cooperators to provide clients with the very best in the electric conductors market.

100% Brazilian Product

Eurobras produces and develops medium and low voltage electrical wires and cables so that its customers have the best in the electrical conductors market.


One of Eurobras’ main goals is to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction, in order to so, the enterprise constantly invests in the training of employees and commercial representatives.


Eurobras has a diversified product portfolio, electrical wires and cables, to meet all the customers’ needs.


Certified by INMETRO and ISO 9001, Eurobras is a company fully committed to the products’ quality management and has as one of its main goals is to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction.