Frequently asked questions and doubts about Eurobras and its products:

1. Does Eurobras also sell its products to non-corporate clients besides selling to large, medium and small companies?

Yes, Eurobras also sells its line of products to individuals. Please contact our Commercial Department for the commercial conditions, by telephone or email.

2. Is there a minimum amount of purchase for non-corporate clients to buy Eurobras products?

Yes, the minimum amount of purchase is R$2,500.00.

3. May the purchases of Eurobras wires and cables be invoiced?

Yes, purchases may be invoiced to companies, regardless of their size, segment or location, provided that such purchases are made in amounts above R$5,000.00, always subject to credit analysis.

4. What is the delivery deadline for Eurobras electric conductors?

The term of delivery varies according to the clients’ needs and the products purchased.

5. Are the medium- and low-voltage electrical wires and cables manufactured by Eurobras safe?

All Eurobras products are standardized and certified by Inmetro and ISO 9001.

6. Does Eurobras operate in all cities and states of Brazil?

Eurobras sells its products within the entire Brazilian territory, through its official representatives and, further, professionals from its Commercial Department.